Once our group has arrived via floatplane to Fishing Bear Lodge, daily fly-outs are not required, so everyday is a fishing day regardless of the weather! There is even great fishing within 100 feet of each waterfront guest cabin. From the end of July to the first of October the lodge offers Alaska's most diverse fly fishing.


Each day we are apt to fish dry flies, streamers, and nymph patterns depending on seasonal variations, weather, temperatures and cloud cover. We will also be fishing salmon fry or sculpin patterns as well as egg patterns, depending on what the fish are keyed in on.

After a good day of fishing, the best is yet to come; the evenings! While some evenings are spent enjoying a beautiful chef prepared dinner at the lodge and a glass of wine, other evenings we will enjoy our dinners while fishing. Some of the best fishing in this area can be found during the evening hatches. The goal is for every woman to catch a lot fish and have an amazing time. Even if you're just an observer, I encourage you to stay out on the river late  because it can be absolutely magical. We will have several evenings during our stay where we fish those magic evening hatches for aggressive Rainbow Trout. 



Rainbow Trout

For wild, native Rainbow Trout we fish four spectacular Alaska rivers and several streams. July through the end of August is our peak dry fly fishing. From the end of August through the third week in September, the Rainbow are concentrating on the salmon spawn. From the last week in September through October the salmon spawn is finished and the Rainbow return to aggressively taking insect and streamer patterns. Size of fish in general averages 18" - 24" inches.




Arctic Grayling

These beautiful fish with the large sail-like dorsal fin and vivid iridescent colors are abundant in the beautiful streams in our region. Grayling are generally abundant throughout the season. A light weight 1-3wt. rod makes a day of Grayling fishing one of the most gratifying and fun days of fly fishing in Alaska you will ever experience. We catch the majority of them while sight casting with dry flies. We have large grayling in our region with the average fish being 16" - 18" with fish up to 22 inches possible.


Northern Pike 

From mid June thru September, we have some exceptionally exciting Northern Pike fishing in the shallow bays and weed beds of our lakes. If you have ever tried "Piking" it is a lot of fun. These fish are explosive when taking a fly and most of our guests ask to fish for Pike again after trying it the first time.


Arctic Char 

The Arctic Char fishing is exceptional from mid-June to the first week in July when they are voraciously feeding on the salmon fry and smolt they migrate downstream towards Bristol Bay. Through the summer, Char are available but not in the abundant numbers that they are in the spring and fall. From mid-August through October the Char are abundant and like the Rainbows are concentrating on the Salmon spawn. Size of fish in general averages 16" - 26".